ACTE, Annex Children’s Theatre in Education, offers fun, enriching theatre courses for young people, ages 6-15, that encourage and promote self-expression and social growth in supportive, age-appropriate classes. Courses include, acting techniques, improvisation, musical theatre, dance, set-building, film-making, and audition preparation. In addition to teaching theatre skills, ACTE fosters community building by involving family, friends and members from the arts community to help with theatrical productions. The students will have an opportunity to perform their plays for their schools and their community.

Drama Works
Many Studies have shown how the performing arts nurture skills that are useful in every aspect of learning and life. An article published in the Ontario College of Teachers’ magazine “Professionally Speaking”, (December 2003), described how after using drama in the classroom, teachers have noticed improvement in their students’ literacy and language comprehension. Teachers also noted that using drama can expand students’ understanding and tolerance of their world and keeps them in school.

About The Director
Ms. Michal Weinfeld, (B.Ed. B.F.A), is the founder, teacher, and artistic director of ACTE. She has a passion for teaching children and youth and is committed to cultivating an inclusive, respectful and creative learning environment.

For the last fifteen years, she has taught drama programs to students in elementary schools, high schools, camps, youth centres and community centres. Ms. Weinfeld has witnessed first hand the positive affects drama has had on her students’ self-esteem, social and academic growth.

Aside from teaching, Weinfeld has also directed many theatrical productions, including “The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe”, "Peter Pan", "Music Man", "Anne of Green Gables", "Wizard of Oz", “A Christmas Carol”, and her own works and adaptations, “Once Upon A Fairytale”, “The Princess and the Pauper”, and “Alice”. She has acted professionally for theatre, film and television and has many connections with directors, producers, casting agents, and instructors from the theatre and film industry in Toronto.